How to Use Voice Messaging for Instagram

Instagram Voice Messaging

Instagram recently launched the capability to send voice messages within the Direct Messaging feature of the app. It was only a matter of time before Instagram added this, as many other Social Media platforms have this capability such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of Instagram’s users already use the Direct Messaging feature to engage with their followers, so how is the voice messaging feature useful for you and how do you use it?

One of the main reasons why this new voice feature is important is for connecting directly with your followers and customers is by being able to send a more personalized greeting. In cases where it is not as easy to type out text, this feature can be quite handy. Say you’re driving, or even have your hands full, and need to send a quick message. Another great reason, and this applies to how you market your business and services, is that this can become a more heartfelt and personal way to engage with followers. Say wishing someone a “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” on an event in their lives.

How to Use Instagram Voice Messaging

While in the Instagram app, open your direct messages and choose who you wish to send a voice message to. While in the message, you will see the voice message icon at the bottom in the fields (the little microphone icon) where you would reply with text, picture, etc.

Simply, hold down the microphone and start recording your message. You will see your message being recorded as a wave form within the chat thread. Right now you are only able to record voice messages up to a minute in length, but I suspect that eventually that may change. If you need to send a message longer than a minute you can simply send multiple voice messages.

When you let go of the microphone you will automatically send your voice message. Before letting go, you have the option of deleting the message before sending if you change your mind (slide over to the blue trashcan icon before letting go). If you have sent the message but change your mind before it has been heard, you can tap the message and choose to “unsend” it.

Although this is a feature I’m not sure I would use very often, I do like the ability to send personalized voice memos to my followers if I wish to. I think that as far as marketing it will be a more personalized and creative way to engage with your followers and customers.

What do you think of this new Instagram feature and how will you be using it?

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